Two notable Sackett descendants #ThomasElder #SimonColonist

Ted Smith #55

Some of you may already know that former US Senator (and former US presidential candidate) John Forbes Kerry is a Sackett descendant. Thurmon King had entered Kerry's ancestry in his database before I took charge. Kerry's ancestral link to the Sacketts is as follows:

Col. Jacob Blackwell (1717-1780) m. Frances Sackett (1720-1754), the daughter of Joseph Sackett and Hannah Alsop and fourth great-granddaughter of Thomas Sackett "the Elder"
Their son, Joseph Blackwell (1750-1827) m. Mary Hazard (b. c1753)
Col. James Grant ForbesĀ  (1769-1825) m. their daughter, Frances Elizabeth Blackwell (say 1781-1845)
Their son, Rev. John Murray Forbes (1807-1885) m. Anna Howe (d. 1849)
Their son, Francis Blackwell Forbes (1839-1908) m. Isabel Clark (c1848-1931)
Their son, James Grant Forbes (1879-1955) m. Margaret Tyndall Winthrop (1880-1970); Margaret is a descendant of John Winthrop, Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony (see )
Richard John Kerry (1915-2000) m. their daughter, Rosemary Isabel Forbes (1913-2002). They are the parents of Sen. Kerry.

During the past few days I began exploring more of the descendants of Frances Sackett (1720-1754) and Col. Jacob Blackwell. It turns out that another famous descendant is Brice Lalonde, who was candidate for President of France in 1981 and served as Minister of the Environment of France. His parents are Fiona Dierdre Forbes (1924-2010) and Alain Gauthier Lelonde (1913-1974). Fiona is a sister of Rosemary Isabel Forbes (1913-2002), which makes her son Brice a cousin of Sen. Kerry.. For more about Brice Lelonde, see

The research of the descendants of Frances Sackett undoubtedly will take a while. It turns out that the Forbes family was quite wealthy, involving international trade, banking, land development, practice of law,, and ownership of steel, railroad, and mining industries. At least some became "gentlemen farmers" of estates on Long Island. One appears to have made much of his fortune importing opium (legal in the US until 1924). Several of the families were large, involving 6 to 11 children. Several family members were born, married, and/or died in China, England, France, and other countries.