The new e-book, The Book of Sacketts


The latest website update includes a downloadable e-book, The Book of Sacketts.
Some members will likely be way ahead of me on the technicalities of e-book readers but, in case it helps, here are a few pointers I've recently picked up.
For most readers, the EPUB version will be the one to go for. The MOBI version is really only relevant for older Kindle devices that don't support current typographical standards.
If downloading to a computer, there is probably a default e-reader already installed--iBooks on a Mac or Bluefire on a PC. If not, calibre (lower case "c") is recommended for either Mac or PC. The e-book reads particularly well in iBooks on an iPad. I haven't tried other tablets but would expect a similar result.
The e-book may also be read on a computer using the Kindle reader for PC or Mac. This may require an additional step, first saving the downloaded file, then copying or importing the file to the reader. Reading on a separate Kindle device will require the e-book to be sent to that device. A helpful article is at .

Chris Sackett