Sacketts in General Catalogue of Oberlin College of 1908

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General Catalogue of Oberlin College: Seventy-Fifth Anniversary, 1908. Oberlin, Ohio: Oberlin College. Published April 1, 1909.

Int. 171, among the college's "Officers of Instruction and Government:"

Sackett, Clark Harold (1904-1907) (F)
A. B., Oberlin College, 1904; A.M., Oberlin College, 1907.
Assistant in Botanical Laboratory, 1904-1905; Tutor in Botany and Zoology, Oberlin Academy, 1905-1907. Addr., Danville, Ill., 320 Oak St.

Catalogue Record of Students, All Departments of the College, 1833-1908.

When there are two or more students of the same Surname, the first is printed in full. In subsequent entries the same surname is shown thus, "-------." except that in cases of alumni the name is printed in full in italics.


enr.--Enrolled (followed by entry showing years of attendance and in what departments.
fr. --From (followed by home address at time of enrolment (sic)
d., *--Deceased
x--The name, years of attendance, and home address at that time are taken from the College records. When no additional information has been received, the entry ends with "--x."
y.--Post office addresses are followed by "--y. when they have not been confirmed by recent information, or there is reason to think they may not now be correct.
Addr.--Present address (last item); this abbreviation is omitted when occupation is given.
coll.--College Department.
lit.--Literary Course.
prep.--(former) Preparatory Course.
sem.--Theological Seminary.
cons.--Conservatory of Music.
p. t.--Course in Physical Training.
art--Students in Drawing and Painting.
su.--Summer Session.
p. g.--Post Graduate.

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Sacket, Aurelia; enr. '39-'42 prep.; fr. Tecumseh, Mich.--x.

-------, Eliza A.; enr. '39-'42 lit.; fr. Tecumseh, Mich.--x.

Sackett, Adda Darling (Mrs. Edwin S. Pearl); enr. '90-'91, '93-'94 cons.; fr. North Fairfield, O.; b. Medina, O., May 5, '72; m. Dec. 24, '01. Addr. St. Louis, Mo., 4815 Hammett pl.

-------Alice Gertrude (Mrs. Herbert H. Sutherland); enr. '82-'84 cons., prep.; fr. Ruggles, O.; b. Ruggles, O., Jan. 1, '65; m. Mar. 18, '96. Addr. New London, O.

* -----Ann M.; enr. '52-'53 prep.; fr. Akron, O.; d. Beardstown, Ill., Jan. 31, '57.

* -----Catherine Amoret (Mrs. Elliott F. Talmadge; enr. '70-'71 prep., coll., cons.; fr. Tallmadge, O.d. Wauregan, Conn., May 13, '06.

-------Charlie Gates; enr. '70-'71 prep.; fr. Ruggels, O.; b. Ruggles, O., Dec. 9, '54; m. Almina Stout, Sept. 6, '81. Farmer, New London, Ohio, R. F. D. 4.

-------Clarissa; enr. '03-'04 cons.; fr. New London, O.--Addr. New London, Ohio, R. F. D. 4.

Sackett, Clark Harold; enr. '00-'04 coll., '04-'07 p. g.; fr. Tallmadge, O.; b. Tallmaged, O., July 11, '82; A. B., Oberlin, '04, A. M., '07. Teacher, Danville, Ill., 320 Oak st.

* -----Dimmes M. (Mrs. Nelson Smith; enr. '35-'36 prep.; +; fr. Ruggles, O.d. Covington, Ky., June 17, '79.

-------Edmon Dwight; enr. '79-'80 prep.; fr. New London, O.; b. New London, O., Nov. 7, '60; m. Alice M. Johnson, Jan. 6, '90; L. B., Univ. of Mich., '81. Attorney at law, Norwalk, Ohio.

* -----Edward Galpin; enr. '58-'61 prep.; fr. Cleveland, O.; d. Battle of Winchester, Va., Mar. 24, '62.

-------Edward Curtis; enr. '53-'54 prep.; fr. Waverly, Ill.; b. Akron, O., July 8, '31; m. Mary E. Bradley, Jan. 11,'66; 2nd Lieut., Co. F, 41st Reg. Ill. V. I., '61-'65; Census enumerator, '70, '80, '90, '00; Town clerk, Bluffdale, Ill., '85-'89; J. P., [Justice of the Peace] Riverside, Ill.; Addr. Carrollton, Ill.

-------Gertrude Voila (Mrs. Walter G. Atwood); enr. '85-'87 lit. cons.; fr. Tallmadge, O.; b. Tallmadge, O., July 12, '67; m. Oct. 9, '88. Addr. Tallmadge, Ohio., R. F. D. 19.

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-------Harriet; enr. '84-'85 prep.; fr. Ruggles, O.; Addr. New London, Ohio, R. F. D. 4.

-------James Harvey; enr. '71-'72 prep.; fr. Ruggles, O.; b. Ruggles, O., Dec. 24, '51; m. (1) Altie King, Nov. 11, '73, (2) Eva Edwards, Sept. 3, '02. Farmer, New London, Ohio, R. F. D. 4.

-------Jenny Alice; enr. '83-'85 cons., '90-92, '94-'95 acad.; fr. South Amherst, O. Addr. North Amherst, Ohio, R. F. D. 2.

-------Julia Irena (Mrs. Robert Potter); enr. '81-'83 prep.; fr. Ruggles; O.; b. Ruggles, O., Mar. 31, '64; m. June 8, '86. Addr. Lorain, Ohio, 441 Prospect St.

-------Justus H., enr. '65-'66 prep.; fr. Ruggles, O.; b. Ruggles, O., Feb. 18, '48; m. Irene F. Beach, Nov. 10, '69. Insurance, New London, Ohio, 29 S. Main st.

* -----Lambert N.; enr. '53-'54 prep.; fr. Fairfield, O.; d. Medina, O., Aug. 16, '74.

-------Marguerite; enr. '97-'98 coll.; fr. Silver Creek, N. Y.; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 27, '78. Teacher, Silver Creek, N. Y.

Sackett, Mary Eliza; enr. '57-'59 lit.; fr. Cleveland, O.; b. Wolcott, Conn., Feb. 11, '34; Lit., Oberlin, '60. Teacher, Pacific Grove, Cal.

* -----Mary Louise; enr. '47-50 lit., prep.; fr. Amherst, O.; d. Amherst, O., Dec. 7, '52.

-------Norman; enr. '42-'43 prep.; fr. Tallmadge, O; -- x.

-------Stella Eliza (Mrs. William T. Thomas); enr. '83-'85 lit., cons.; fr. Tallmadge, O.; b. Tallmadge, O., May 25, '64; m. Sept. 26, '95. Addr. La Cananea, Sonora, Mexico.

-------William Augustin; enr. '68-'69, 71-'72 prep.; fr. Ruggles, O.; b. Ruggles, O. May '51; m. ; Eva Fry, '75. Farmer, New London, Ohio, R. F. D. 4.

Sackett, William Aaron; enr. '85-'90 prep., coll.; fr. Akron, O.; b. Akron, O., Mar. 27, '66; A. B., Oberlin, '90, A. M., '93; M. D., Univ. of Pa., '93. Physician, Akron, O., 624 Main st.

Transcribed by Ted Smith