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The Sackett Family Association website has been updated with the following:

  • New members
  • New & revised genealogical sketches
    • Emma Harriet Sackett (1857–1940), of St Peter in Thanet, Kent, daughter of William Francis Sackett and Elizabeth Foord.
    • Flora Rebecca Sackett (1863–1933), of Litchfield County, Connecticut, daughter of Henry Eldred Sackett and Marilla Hine.
    • Edgar Harris "Ned" Sackett (1908–1981), of Nebraska, barber, later a sawyer, Second World War veteran, son of James Calvin Sackett and Anna Harris. Was married five times, his first two wives dying tragically.
    • Ned Lockhart Sackett (1934–2020), of Nebraska and California, industrial engineer, son of Edgar Harris "Ned" Sackett and Agnes Lorain Lockhart. Includes obituary.
    • Jane Maureen Sackett (1943–1978), of Nebraska, daughter of Edgar Harris "Ned" Sackett and Darleen E Petersen. Includes news report of tragic death.
    • Calvin Kent Sackett (1946–2022), of Harrisonville, Missouri, Vietnam War veteran, son of Edgar Harris "Ned" Sackett and Darleen E Petersen. Includes obituary.
    • Grace Mabel Sackett (1910–1996), daughter of Jonathan "John" Andrew Sackett and William Ophelia Smith. Includes obituary.

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Chris Sackett
TSFA Webmaster