Sackett Family Association website updated #Website


The Sackett Family Association website has been updated with the following:

  • New members
  • New & revised genealogical sketches
    • Charles Sacket (1783–1835), farmer, of Westfield, Massachusetts, son of Ezra Sacket and Lydia Lovering. Includes administration of estate.
    • Charlotte Sacket (1785–1875), of Westfield, Massachusetts, daughter of Ezra Sacket and Lydia Lovering. Includes will of husband Horace Nelson.
    • Clarissa Bagg Sackett (1812–1901), of Westfield and Springfield, Massachusetts, daughter of Elijah Sackett and Cynthia Sackett. Includes administration of husband Noah Ashley's estate.
    • Claude Charles Sackett (1885–1966), farmer and carpenter, of Summit County, Ohio, son of Charles Clark Sackett and Cora Alling. Includes obituary.
    • Woodie Ray Sackett (1907–1977), of Texas, son of Elisha Winrow Sackett and Bertha Griffin, was killed in a car crash. Includes newspaper report and obituaries of Woodie and his wife Lissie. At her death aged 91 in 2012 Lissie was survived by 160 descendants: 8 children, 53 grandchildren, 72 great-grandchildren, and 27 great-great-grandchildren.
    • Robert Ray Sackett (1943–2022), of Ames, Texas, son of Woodie Ray Sackett and Lissie Jane Billingsley. Includes obituary.
    • Charlie Willard Sackett (1919–2022), of Texas, son of Charlie Rufus Sackett and Ida Ruby Hornbeck. Includes obituary. Charlie Willard Sackett and his wife Marjorie Carter had been married for 80 years.
  • Website tip
    • Sackett snippets has a selection of Sackett family oddities and record-breakers, now including Charlie Willard Sackett's record-breaking 80-year marriage. Worth a read!

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