Sackett Family Association website updated #Website


The Sackett Family Association website has been updated with the following:
  • New members
  • Revised member pages
  • New & revised genealogical sketches
    • Frank Hutchins Sackett (1861–1928), hardware merchant of Weeping Water, Nebraska, and later a farmer of Tallmadge, Ohio, son of Hiram Aikins Sackett and Eliza Anna Treat.
    • Rosalind Edith Sackett (1900–2002), of Summit County, Ohio, daughter of Frank Hutchins Sackett and Margaret Lois McNely. Includes obituaries. Also appears in Sackett snippets, Sackett centenarians
    • William Henry Sackett (1866–1943), school janitor, of Nassau County, New York, son of Oscar Sackett and Eliza Miles Burns.
    • Julia Rena Sackett (1903–1995), of Nassau County, New York, and Hallstead, Pennsylvania, daughter of William Henry Sackett and Rena Olivia DeLoach.
    • Prof Robert Lemuel Sackett (1867–1946), dean of engineering at Pennsylvania State College, specialist in sanitation engineering and highway development, who had also taught applied mathematics and astronomy.
    • Harold Frank Sackett (1919–1992), of Lenawee County, Michigan, son of Milton Betts Sackett and Ilah Mae Wismer.
    • New record. Ronald Sackett (1925–2021), of Maidstone, Kent, son of Frank William Sackett and Lydia Ellen Hawkes.
    • New record. John W "Jack" Sackett, PhD (1928–2021), of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Korean War veteran and school principal, son of Casper Verle Sackett and Lydia Emma Westerhoff. Includes obituary.

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Chris Sackett
TSFA Webmaster