Grandma's Quilt - Beverly (Sackett) Treibel

Mary Volberding #502

I'm posting this on behalf of Julie Hobbs, mtchjul@.... If anyone has any interest please contact her.


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You don't know me, nor do I have any affiliation with The Sackett Family.

My name is Julia Mitchell Hobbs and I do a lot of auctions on

Up for Auction was a Quilt square that started in 1900 by Martha (Johnson) Bidstrup.

Beverly (Sackett) Treibel had it and cut it up and gave it to each of the cousins.

Somehow the piece I have was donated to Goodwill and they put it up for auction from Spokane WA.

Well, I won the auction.

I have the letter from Beverly when she sent it to the cousins as well as the write up about Grandma's

"Crazy Quilt".
I feel it must of been donated to Goodwill by mistake and this belongs to the family. Stitched in it is a name

Leta. Beverly said children's names were added as well as what they call parents and grandparents.

I'm just not sure who and where to send it or who would like it. 



Julia Mitchell Hobbs


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