Diabolical Sackett plot -- Case outcome #ThomasElder #SimonColonist

Ted Smith #55

The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts), 28 Jul 1883, Page 6

Four Defendants In the Sandisfleld Case Have Their Cases Placed on File.
(Special Despatch to The Boston Globe.)

PITTSFIELD, July 27.--In the Superior Court this morning, when the Sandisfield case was called, tho defendants submitted a proposition to District Attorney Waterman, which was accepted this afternoon. Four defendants, Rugg, Clark, Andrew Sackett and George Hall, pleaded guilty and their cases were put on file. The cases against the others were not called. Nine of tho party combine to pay Mrs. Sullivan $600, and $500 to the Commonwealth for costs. Altogether it has cost the party over $2000 for the night's work. The defence (sic) got frightened, as every member of the party was willing to turn State's evidence and save himself and throw the blame on Rugg, who was simply invited to attend the dance. Smith Sackett, father of two of the defendants, will be bankrupted by the affair.

[TCS Note: $600 in 1883 is equivalent to almost #18,000 in 2023 purchasing power.]

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Wow. That was just wow. I thought I was reading s summary for a book at first.
Thanks for sharing.