Belcher, Sackett and Mead Family and Working Relationships in New York City, 1843-1878

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I recently completed and informally “published” a report concerning my wife’s second great-grandfather, Henry White Belcher, entitled "Belcher, Sackett and Mead Family and Working Relationships in New York City, 1843-1878.” 
The report concern individuals in this Sackett line (Line 3a, American):
Thomas Sackett the elder (say 1530–1595), labourer of St Peter in Thanet, Kent = Joane ___
Thomas Sackett the younger (c1557–1615), yeoman of Birchington, Kent = Martha Strowde
Simon Sackett the colonist (1595–1635), of Thanet, Kent, & Newtown (Cambridge), Massachusetts = Isabel Pearce
Simon Sackett (1630–1659), farmer of Springfield = Sarah Bloomfield
Captain Joseph Sackett (1656–1719) = Elizabeth Betts
Rev Richard Sackett AM (1686–1737) = Elizabeth Kirtland
Hon Nathaniel Sackett (1720–bef 1761) = Anne Bush
Justus Sackett (1740–1827) = Anna Lyon
Justus Sackett (1777–1854) = Clarissa Belcher*
Justus Ralph Sackett (1820–1885) = Mary Elizabeth Mead**
and his brother:
Amos Mead Sackett (1812-1869) = Sarah Elisabeth Adeline Mead*** 
*parents: Dr. Elisha Belcher (1757-1823) = Lydia Reynolds (1761-1850)
**parents: Jabez Mead (1777-1839) = Sarah Williams Knapp (1789-1847)
***parents: Staats (States) M. Mead (1791-1863) = Lydia Holmes (1796-1821)
The report discusses in detail both the family and working relationships of members of the Belcher, Sackett and Mead families in the wholesale grocery business in New York City, as well as a few other types of businesses in which they were involved. The business is described at one point as being the largest wholesale grocery business in North America, which was quite a surprising find for me. I initially believed they ran 2-3 local grocery stores together! 
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