Sackett Family Association website updated #Website


The Sackett Family Association website has been updated with the following:

  • New members
  • New & revised genealogical sketches
    • Homer Skiff Sackett (1838–1899), farmer and Civil War veteran, of Warren, Connecticut, son of Homer Sackett and Flora Skiff.
    • Emerson R Sackett (1863–1947), florist, of Fostoria, Ohio, son of Coridon Ralph Sackett and Camelia Vrooman.
    • Manley Ray Sackett (1903–1989), of Washington State, son of Earl Sackett and Antoinette Hall. Includes obituaries of Manley and his wife Mabel.
    • Beverly Ann Sackett (1935–2018), daughter of Manley Ray Sackett and Mabel Thomas.
    • Marian Ruth Sackett (1910–2003), of Tallmadge, Ohio, daughter of Claude Charles Sackett and Ruth Shanafelt. Includes obituary.
  • Website tip
    • Places named in genealogical sketches are linked to Google Maps. Click the superscripted 'G' after the name to go to the map for that place.
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Chris Sackett
TSFA Webmaster