Sackett Family Association website updated #Website


The Sackett Family Association website has been updated with the following:

  • New members
  • New & revised genealogical sketches
    • Norman A Sackett (1824–1889), school teacher, Civil War soldier, of Connecticut, son of Norman Sackett and Sally Northrup.
    • Heman S Sackett (1825–1890), of New York State and California, son of Marvin Sackett and Polly Nelson.
    • William Caldwell Sackett (1834–1916), farmer, of Fayette County, Pennsylvania, son of Samuel Sackett and Priscilla Caldwell. Includes obituary.
    • George Sackett (1852–1902), plasterer, of Thanet, Kent, son of Thomas Sackett and Mary Ann Stanner.
    • William Paul Sackett (1893–1987), of Rock Island, Illinois, son of William O Sackett and Martha Moody. Includes obituary,
    • William P Sackett Jr (1932–2022), of Rock Island, Illinois, son of William Paul Sackett and Lillie Payton. Includes obituary.
    • Charles Frederick Sackett Sr (1900–1975), of Crawford County, Pennsylvania, son of William Harvy Sackett and Hattie Lytle.
    • Charles F Sackett Jr (1934–2022), of Meadville, Pennsylvania, son of Charles Frederick Sackett Sr and Alberta Watson. Includes obituary.
    • Charles Henry "Chuck" Sackett (1928–2020), of Dutchess County, New York, son of Benjamin Joseph Sackett and Ruth Spencer. Includes obituary.
    • James Thomas Sackett (1942–1970), police patrolman killed on duty, of St Paul, Minnesota, son of Melvin William Sackett and Blanche Harvey.

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Chris Sackett
TSFA Webmaster