Isabel Hicks and Rudolf Eickemeyer Jr. #ThomasElder #SimonColonist

Ted Smith #55

In the process of researching Jane Ann Sackett (1805-1836), daughter of Nathaniel Sackett (1763-1812) and Bathiah Reynolds (1767-1809), I uncovered a trove of photographs of Isabel Hicks and her husband, Rudolf Eickemeyer Jr.

Jane Ann married Charles Hicks, and they had two children, Henry Raymond Hicks (b. 14 Dec 1834 in Manhattan, d. 17 Dec 1915) and Elisa Green Hicks (b. 26 Jul 1836; d. 18 Aug 1936). The fact that Jane Ann died 11 Sep 1836 and that Elisa lived less than one month suggests that Elisa's birth may have been a difficult one.

Henry Raymond Hicks married Isabella Weed (1864-1911) on 21 May 1863. Henry and Isabella made Yonkers, New York, their home, and it is likely that their two children were born there. The first was Eveliene Weed Hicks, b. 15 Feb 1864, d. 20 Feb 1911 in Yonkers. Eveliene married Carl Heirich Kroeber (b. 3 Feb 1870 in Germany; d. 12 Dec 1910), and they had one child. The second was Isabel Hicks, b. 19 May 1869 and d. 5 Jul 1916 in Yonkers. On 7 Oct 1891, Isabel married Rudolf Eickemeyer Jr. (b. 7 Aug 1862 in Yonkers; d. 24 Apr 1932 in Yonkers). Isabel and Rudolf had no children.

Rudolf was the son of Rudolf Eickemeyer (1831-1895), and inventor and holder of 150 patents, and Mary I. Tarbell (d. 1920). Rudolf Jr. was a photographer of landscapes and portraits. By the early 1900s, he was invited to submit photographs to the Smithsonian Institution. On his death, Rudolf left his photographs and equipment to the Smithsonian. As a result, more than 3,600 of his photographs are available for viewing at , including several of Isabel and Rudolf and their sheepdog, Sir Toby Belch, who seems to have been somewhat of a celebrity in the Yonkers area..

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