Civil War Sacketts

Danielle Otey #220

Hi to my extended family!
I just got updated DNA results from 23&Me and now am curious about my Civil War connections. Up until now I've focused on Revolutionary era ancestors. 

Dudley Sackett was my direct Sackett ancestor, his brother Chauncey died serving. He was just a kid too. 

Anyway,  that's a dead end so I think it was a family that married into the Sacketts. I tried the Scroggs but they lived in Ohio. 

What I'm looking for specifically is an ancestor that was a southerner and had a plantation. So far all the ancestors I've found were northerners. I suppose there's border states between north and south but interracial marriage didn't really happen during that era,  it would be seriously frowned upon. There's evidence I have  African blood that dates to around there Civil War era, possibly earlier.  

I'm fairly certain it's my dad's side,  not my mom's, because my daughter's tests showed the same genes but my maternal connections don't show that gene in their results. 

Any leads? Ideas? 

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