Autobiography of Albert Nelson See (1840-1924)

Ted Smith #55

Albert Nelson See (1840-1924) is the 5th great-grandson of Simon Sackett ("the colonist") and 7th great-grandson of Thomas ("the elder") and Joane Sackett.
He was a circuit rider preacher for most of his life, covering the territory along the railroads in and west of Kansas. His autobiography, although sometimes rambling and straying from the topic, is an interesting read. He describes his call to the ministry, being tempted to earn riches in the oil industry, and his military service. During the Civil war, he twice enlisted in the Pennsylvania Volunteers. He recounts his illness, being temporarily assigned to duty in hospitals while he recovered, and his march and experience to, in, and following the Battle of Chancellorsville during his first enlistment.

During his second enlistment, he helped guard President Lincoln at the White House and at Lincoln's summer encampments. He describes that service, Lincoln's kindness toward the troops, and interactions with Tad and President Lincoln, and his acquaintance with Sgt. Boston Corbett, the man who killed John Wilkes Booth.

I have not yet finished reading the book but though I would pass the information on to the list so others could do so. The book can be downloaded either page by page or in its entirety from

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