Sackett Family Association website updated #Website


The Sackett Family Association website has been updated with the following:

  • New members
  • New & revised genealogical sketches
    • Sidney Sackett (1858–1945), Texas Ranger and hotel keeper, emigrated from Essex, England, to Texas. Includes obituary.
    • Mamie Lucille Sackett (1900–1991), of Texas, daughter of Sidney Sackett and Pauline Sjöholm. Includes obituary.
    • Alexander Arthur Sackett (1880–1965), farmer, teamster, of Springhill, Pennsylvania, son of Hugh Rosboro Sackett and Anna Vance.
    • Hugh William Sackett (1908–1988), of Fayette County, Pennsylvania, son of Alexander Arthur Sackett and Della Burchinal.
    • Ralph Emerson Sackett (1905–2000), of Fostoria, Ohio, proprietor of Sackett's Greenhouse, son of Emerson R Sackett and Laura Imber. Includes obituary.
    • James Bruce Sackett (1944–2010), US Navy officer, police patrolman, of Virginia, son of Elmer Leo Sackett and June Bandfield. Includes obituary.

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Chris Sackett
TSFA Webmaster

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