Roots Tech 100% Free Worldwide Virtual Seminar Day!!

Jordon Boehme #750

Hi All,
This is Jordon Boehme from Australia.
I just received a notification that RootsTech will be online 100% free and virtual on 3rd to 5th March 2022.
I haveĀ  a question that I have just felt impressed to ask . Are we going to be involved as the Sackett Association and host an open group chat for those who haven't found us yet ?
Also is looking for people like us to host different seminars for beginners to advanced in the field of finding family and how to join them etc., this also coupled up with very well qualified motivational speakers who share their experiences and also discuss the different technologies that are coming,like for example when I attended the one this year they were showing examples of how A.I. is capable of helping us with indexing and also our own research based on Ocr and other strategies.
Wouldn't it be fantastic if we were to host our own free virtual booth!!!

This year was my first time with and it blew my mind away literally as it showed me and others that we are just at the tip of the iceberg in different ways.I have been researching on and off since the age of 15 years old and Iam now 53 and learnt an awful lot!!!
Also I had by the end of the virtual conference weekend accumulated some 296 new relatives and access to their family trees. What happened was that every time I logged into the website with my account, it showed me how many extra people had joined up in the conference worldwide as it updated the numbers daily.
Some basic stats for you all to think about . At the end of the virtual conference there was in excess of 500,000 virtual attendees worldwide and some 3 million new family cousin matches made!!!
All this fantastic stuff happened within 3 days!!!!! Please invite everyone to not let this opportunity fly by.
Thank you for this association and its strengths and extraordinary capabilities,

Jordon Boehme

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