One T or Two: Israel Sacket/Sackett (1792-1851) #ThomasElder #SimonColonist

Ted Smith #55

While researching the family and descendants of Israel Sacket (1792-1851) and Lucy Doane (1799-1870) [see and ], I found images of grave markers for Israel, Lucy, and at least three of their decendants on Find A Grave. Although Weygant spells the surname of the family as Sacket (one T), all of the markers show the surname as Sackett (two T's). Most of the census records for these individuals show the one T spelling.

As for Israel's elder daughter, Harriet (1824-1893), Weygant says that she married Simeon Southworth. However, "A Genealogy of the Southworths . . ." indicates that she married Simon Gillette Southworth (1824-1892) on 28 Dec 1876 in Boston, Massachusetts. They had no children.

Weygant also indicates that Israel's younger daughter, Mary (1838-1872), married Henry Plumpton. A check of census and other records shows a mix of spelling (Plumpton, Plympton, and Plimpton) of the surname. While Henry's death record has been transcribed as both Plimpton and Plumpton, "A genealogy and historical notices of the family of Plimpton or Plympton in America : and of Plumpton in England" spells the surname as Plimpton, and identifies Mary's spouse as Henry Richardson Plimpton (1820-1891), son of Leonard Plimpton and Sarah Turner Lane. Leonard's will clearly spells the surname as Plimpton. Of Henry, the Plimpton genealogy (p. 196) says:

"Henry Richardson (478) b. Oct. 8, 1820 ; m. Oct. 14, 1856, Mary E. Sacket b. May 7, 1838, d. Sept. 29, 1872. A farmer and school teacher until twenty-seven years of age, living with his parents at Walpole, Mass. In 1849 he associated himself with his brother, James L., in the business of machine building, at Westfield, Mass., making self-sharpening rag and hay cutters, other machinery and furniture ; thus was inaugurated the firm of H. R. & J. L. Plimpton, for more than twenty years known as designers and manufacturers of and dealers in furniture, decorations, etc., at New York and Boston ; the business at Boston still being in charge of Henry R., who is the builder of Plimpton's Building, 1075, 1077 and 1079 Washington Street, Boston. In 1871, he joined the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston, of which notable organization his patriotic ancestor John (1) became a member as early as 1643."

Henry and Mary had two children, George Lane (1858-1937) and Lucy Dwight (1871-1959), neither of whom married.

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