Y-DNA upgrade to the Big Y

Patti Lee Hobbs, CG


I have recorded a video showing results from recently upgrading some Sackett men's DNA testing to the Big Y. I'm hoping to recruit more men. This is only for men who have the Sackett surname or know that they have a Sackett father in their line somewhere with a misattributed parentage or adoption. It has to be along your father's father's father's, etc. line. Or you have to have a relative you can recruit along his father's father's, etc. line. 


This is directly related to the Simon the Colonist descendants, but there's almost no doubt that if the Simon the Colonist descendants are related to the New Haven Sacketts, that we will also be able to see some identifying DNA markers. 

Thank you for considering.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Patti Hobbs


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