Re: A few descendants of Capt. Richard Sackett #CaptRichardSackett

Elizabeth W Knowlton

Oh, Ted, the moment I saw the name Canfield, a flash went off in my head.  And when I saw Dorothy Canfield, another; and when she married a Fisher, then I knew I had read something by her.  Anyone who has ever been a little girl should read Understood Betsy by Dorothy Canfield Fisher.  [This is not to say some men might not enjoy the book too or enjoy reading it to a granddaughter, but you know how boys are not supposed to like girls' books.]  I smiled when I learned Dorothy's middle name was Frances because in the book orphaned, frail Elizabeth Ann lives with her aunt Frances, a very anxious and controlling (in a kind way) urban aunt.  Through an emergency outside their control, Elizabeth Ann gets sent to live with her cousins in the Vermont countryside.
      Although this book was published around 1916, it is still a wonderful read today.  And by a Sackett descendant too!
      I think I may have read The Bent Twig also.  You are right about the Montessori influence:  "First published in 1915, The Bent Twig is the first of Dorothy Canfield's novels to give fictional form to the Montessori method and to reflect the insights into education and human development that she gained in Rome while visiting Maria Montessori."

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