Re: Seeking Help for New England Pilgrimage

Joel Graham #719

You can check out the old warren center cemetery in Litchfield Connecticut and the old burying ground in Westfield Massachusetts.  Both of those have Sacketts and some of their families buried there.   


On Apr 24, 2021, at 1:24 AM, Shep Glennon #736 <shep.glennon@...> wrote:

Are there any churches, old homesteads, burial sites, etc. of the Sackett family in New England I can visit?
Hello Sackett Family, I am going on a tour of New England next week. I am going to Cambridge where the the Sacketts settled when it was New Towne. I am also going to follow the Connecticut River where my Ancestors,  descendants of John Pearce Sackett Sr and his son William, settled. I would love to know of any significant sites in Sackett history to visit on my journey. 

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Shep Glennon 

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