Untangling a tangled family web: Ann Marie Sackett-Day (1851-1879) #ThomasElder #SimonColonist

Ted Smith #55

While researching Robert Francis Sackett (1843-1863), described in a previous post, I noticed that one of his nine siblings that were listed by Weygant was missing from all censuses. That initially caused me to wonder whether Weygant erred in including the child in the family. I soon discovered that it was not an error but instead  was caused by a tangle of unmentioned relationships. This post describes the tangles and summarizes what I found.

Weyagnt's entry for George Seymour Sackett (1811-1891), father of Robert Francis and Ann M (and other children), is rather odd. From Weygant (p. 300):

2600.  George Seymour Sackett, 1811-1891, of Mt. Clemens, Mich., son of (1050) Noadiah and Sophia Allen Sackett, was married, in 1742, to Rachel Hetsler. The following sketch of the parents of George Seymour Sackett, prepared and contributed by (5238) L. W. Sackett, should have appeared under No. 1050: . . . .

The next five paragraphs (about 1.5 pages) are all about Noadiah Sackett; nothing more is said about George before his children are listed.

The list of George’s children begins with a significant error because the heading says, “Children of Geo. S. Sackett and Sophia Allen Sackett.” Yes, Weygant here identifies Sophia, George’s mother, as George’s wife. That Rachel is George’s wife is confirmed by Michigan marriage records, which say that George married Rachel Hetchler in Macomb County, Michigan, on 26 Jan 1841. [More than one record confirms the Hetchler spelling.]

Weygant (p. 302) lists 10 children for George and Rachel. However, the 1860 and 1870 censuses do not include one of the still-living children that Weygant lists: “5204. Ann M. Sackett, b. Mar. 17, 1851, d. in 1879; m. Rev. D. Pebbles (sic).” On p. 402, Weygant wrote:

5204. Ann Maria Sackett, 1851-1879, daughter of (2600) George S. and Rachel Hetsler Sackett, was married at Raleigh, N.C., in October, 1878, to Rev. David Peebles (sic), of Dudley, N.C.

So, where was Ann in 1860 and 1870? She certainly was not living with her parents. Looking at Ann’s entry in Thurmon’s database confirmed that Thurmon concluded that she married Rev. David Peebles but had no indication of where she was in 1860 and 1870. A marriage date (14 Nov 1878 in Wayne County, North Carolina) was also entered but, at first, the source did not seem to be cited.

Digging through Thurmon’s information for David finally provided the clue as to where Ann had been. In the notes for David Peebles, Thurmon had included David’s biography from Peebles, Leslie A. "Robert Peebles from Ulster, 1718: Patrick of Pelham, Mass., 1738 : some of their descendants with some other Peebles." Marathon, N.Y.: L.A. Peebles. 1985. That bio reads, in part:

After the death of Charlotte [M. Bradley, David’s first wife], David went to Texas where he taught school. Mrs. E.G. Peebles has his Teacher's Certificate dated 28 Feb 1872. He decided after a time to enter the ministry and traveled to Dudley, N.C. to attend school for this purpose. Here he met Anna M. Sackett who had taken the name Day from her adopted parents. David m. Anna (Sackett) Day in Dudley, NC and made plans to homestead in Jackson, Ala, but while in Dudley, Anna gave birth to a dau, Anna Lillian Peebles, on 9 Aug 1879 and the mother died, leaving Rev. David a widower for the 2nd time.

A search for Ann M. Day found her living in Sheffield Township, Lorain County, Ohio on 2 Jul 1860 and 8 Aug 1870, in the home of John and Cornelia Day. A bit more digging found that Cornelia Day is Weygants’s #2601, Ann Cornelia Sackett, sister of George Seymour Sackett, who married John Day. Weygant (p. 302) indicates that four of Cornelia’s seven children who were born before 1845 had died before 1851. Weygant did not include Ann M. Sackett-Day in the list of Cornelia’s children, nor in any of Ann's entries did he indicate where Ann had gone; however, it does not seem unreasonable that George had given Ann to his sister to raise.

As for when and where Ann/Anna married David, North Carolina records verify the marriage took place on 14 Nov 1878 in Goldsboro, Wayne County, by  F.H. Ivey, Baptist minister.

Now for a second tangled web, being unable to support his daughter, David Peebles gave her up for adoption. Anna Lillian Peebles, daughter of David and Anna Peebles, was adopted by John Ingersol Day and Mary Elizabeth Brown. John Ingersoll Day (1839-1934)  is a son of John Day and Ann Corneiia Sackett and, thus, is the brother (via adoption) of Anna Maria (Sackett) Day. Lillian Peebles is listed as Weygant’s #8753 on p. 402, with a 6 Aug 1879 birth date, and as #8782, Anna Lillian Day, b. 1 Aug 1879, on p. 403. The two are the same person, born 9 Aug 1879 in Dudley, Wayne County, North Carolina. Lillian Day married Charles Wharton on 5 Feb 1902 in Lee County, Iowa, and died 27 May 1923 in Denmark, Lee County, Iowa. Charles Wharton died 21 May 1955 in Allamakee County, Iowa. Both Lillian and Charles are buried in Denmark Cemetery, Denmark, Lee County, Iowa.

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